The arrondissement of Dunkirk roughly corresponding to French Westhoek.

Westhoek (Dutch for “west corner”) or Maritime Flanders (French: Flandre maritime) is a region in Belgium and France and includes the following areas:

Belgian Westhoek (Dutch: Belgische Westhoek) including the West Flanders arrondissements of Diksmuide, Ypres, and Veurne including the cities of Veurne, Poperinge, Wervik, Ypres, De Panne, Langemark-Poelkapelle, and Diksmuide. However, the three Belgian coast municipalities of De Panne, Koksijde, and Nieuwpoort are frequently considered a separate region known as the Belgian or Flemish West Coast (Westkust).

French Westhoek (French: Westhoek français; Dutch: Franse Westhoek), roughly the arrondissement of Dunkirk, including the cities of Dunkirk, Gravelines, and Hazebrouck, itself part of a larger area known as French Flanders.

Outside of Dutch-language sources, Westhoek sometimes refers only to French Westhoek.

We made a road-book for this region, including the best hotel for staying overnight. This  package is all included, road-book, hotel, and optional for rent: an old-timer “classic” car. This fully custom-made trip takes you back in the history of the Great War of 14-18. You visit the graveyards, drive through narrow roads in the fields over the hills in France. You end up in Ieper, where you can visit the Flanders Field Museum. It was totally renewed in 2012.

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