Magical Brussels Tour

Sometimes we travel around the world to explore special places. Some of us are interested in mystical cities, ancient civilizations and cultures. Do we have to go that far? We like looking for new things to discover. But what is here right under our noses?

In Brussels, where we sometimes work, meet, dance, drink and eat, there are untold stories to discover. Special places to be mentioned, legends to reveal. Listen to the “magician” that day, who shows you and your friends and family what is hidden in the capital of Europe. He will show you that nothing is real, everything is surreal, and the mind listens to what it observes.

Discover the history of Belgium, Brussels, old legends, free-masons, alchemy and knight-Templars…..

Listen how to make gold from metal, or differently said : how purification of the soul was told centuries ago…alchemy at his best!

So, sign up for this remarkable tour, and let you guide you through the heart of Brussels.


What happens on the tour?

The guide, who does the tour with me, is an illusionist-magician-mentalist and tour-guide. This remarkable combination of his skills, makes the tour also entertaining as well as mystical. Starting the tour at the steps of the majestic cathedral of St-Gudule (St-Goedele) in Brussels, we talk about the Freemasons in the city during centuries. Where did they come from, what are they doing and what are the initiation-rituals to join them. Once the tour starts, we go back centuries in time. We reveal how people were thinking in that era.

In the cathedral, we explain the Freemason’s tomb and a special glass-window that shows us why Brussels was never bombarded in the WWII. We talk about ancient religions, and reveal some special things about the roman-Christian church. On this walking-tour, we make our way to the Royal Park explaining about Hermes Tresmegistos, the Royals, the park, and the symbols on the wall just across the royal Palace. Even a word about Peter the Great, the Tsaar of Russia….there we find a pentagram in the soil, where the guide performs a magic ritual with a volunteer.

We walk towards the Belvue museum to have a drink at the indoor-terrace, when the weather is fine.

After the refreshment, we go down under. Not to Australia of course, but into the ruins of the castle of Charles the Fifth. Again, in this special mystical environment, the guide plays with the Faust-theory, where he does remarkable things with his “secret book”. Leaving the underground-museum, we go to the Royal Square, where we explore the history of the Knight- Templar’s. The tour goes on to the Little Sablon, and the Palace of Justice. On those staircases the guide plays with your mind.  We do a group-session. We move on to the Marollen taking the elevator. From that point we have a beautiful view over Brussels. We find a typical Brussels beer-restaurant, known for Brussels specialties with special beers. We taste all kind of different foodies paired with special beers.

Afterwards, we go to the Grand Place, the most beautiful square in Europe. We explain different things then a normal Brussels guide would do. We talk about the mystical symbols on the square, and show some spiritual items too.

When the tour takes its ending, we find a nice terrace or space, where the guide performs some more special card tricks. The most special one is the trick with the Tarot cards, but to experience this and know a part of your future, you have to come on this tour…

Are you interested in this Magical tour, please send an email and contact us for all-in prices.

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