Westvleteren Tour

This is custom-made tour for real hardcore beer-lovers, chasing the Westvleteren beer. We start our tour at the hotel, where I pick you up and start our journey to the Westhoek. This part of Belgium is known for the history of the First World War, now 100 years ago. From Brussels it’s almost a 2 hour drive. We can see the Belgian country side at his best. Before we do that, we could visit Bruges, the most famous medieval town of Belgium. We visit brewery the Halve Maan, with a nice degustation, depending when we leave Brussels. The itinerary can change according to your wishes. When leaving from the hotel in Bruges, it’s an hour drive.

Westvleteren tour

Brewery the Halve Maan


We drive first to Watou. We visit the St-Bernardus brewery, where we could join a tour in the brewery. This can only be done on Tuesdays or on availability of another tour. Joining a group costs about 12,5 euros. When we do it private, it will be more expensive. They charge for a group of 9 people. We all get a six-pack with glasses as a present after the tasting. When there is no visit possible, we always can buy the St-Bernardus beers and glasses. So this is one of the options in the Westvleteren tour. We continue our tour to the center of Watou, near Vleteren. We can have lunch at Hommelhof, a famous restaurant at the village square, where we taste the local dishes with the local beer: Hommelbier of brewery Van Eecke. The best of course is to have lunch at The Vrede Brasserie. We can taste all of the Westies. Normally there are some beers available at the shop for purchase. Only one six-pack per person is aloud. Six-packs and degustation-glasses are mostly available. You surely have to taste the vanilla ice-cream made with the blond Westvleteren! A delight!

Westvleteren tour

Westvleteren tour


We hop over the French border and visit the abbey of Mont des Cats, the French Trappist brewery. Chimay is brewing their beer, but we have certainly a chance to taste it in the local bar across the abbey. There is a great panoramic view over the Flemish hills.Westvleteren tour

Westvleteren tour

After this great beer-day, we drop you off at your hotel in Bruges or Brussels. In Brussels there is a possibility to have a degustation-menu at a great typical Brussels restaurant. This is on request. The menu costs about 35 euro p/p, excl drinks.

Minimum 2 persons up to 8 persons. (Renting a minibus)

Prices for this tour are available by email, depending on the group-size.

Remark : check the website before booking your tour.


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